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Laisse-moi te sauter une dernière fois

Kevin ne peut se résoudre à rompre avec son ex. Au petit matin, avant qu'il ne quitte leur appartement, il le supplie de lui accorder une dernière baise. Il va le baiser le plus fort possible pour lui donner envie de rester à s'occuper longtemps de sa bite.

Gay LIfe Network avec Kevin Carson et Mateo Takapino


Hot Wakeup for Hardcore Fucking
Published: 02/18/2019 - Time: 17 min
The lovely young blond is sleeping peacefully and the day is about to get started with a bang, literally. Kevin Carson wakes up to find Mateo Takapino in his room and you can see the sexual glee in his eyes when he does. It's not long before the two of them are kissing passionately and caressing each other. They proceed to tasty twink blowjobs and before long we're looking at a good ass banging that everyone can admire. Kevin takes his hard cock and enters the rectum of Mateo so they can experience the intimacy and pleasure of a hardcore fuck.

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